Who is David Sumpter?

Professor David Sumpter is author of Four Ways of Thinking (2023), The Ten Equations that Rule the World (2020), Outnumbered (2018), Collective Animal Behaviour (2010) and Soccermatics (2016). His research work, including more than 100 scientific articles, covers everything from the inner workings of fish schools and ant colonies, through social psychology and segregation in society, to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

David has consulted for leading football clubs and national teams. He works actively with outreach to schools, industry and the social sector. His talks at Google, TedX, the Oxford Mathematics Public Lecture and The Royal Institution are available online. He has featured in documentaries for Amazon Prime and written for ​​The Economist 1843, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The I-Paper, The Conversation, Prospect, Mathematics Today, Barcelona Innovation Hub and FourFourTwo magazine.