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January 14th I started caring about what people actually cared about, Scientific Computing, Uppsala.

January 20th Swedish Olympic Committee, Stockholm.

January 21st Reasons why we should NOT worry about fake news, echo chambers, filter bubbles and Cambridge Analytica, Institute for Future Studies

September 18th Using collective motion models to help players improve their game, Workshop on Machine Learning and Data Mining for Sports Analytics

August 26th How Tracking data can improve player decision-making, Training Ground Guru: The Future Game

September 18th Using collective motion models to help players improve their game, Workshop on Machine Learning and Data Mining for Sports Analytics

October 13th The 10 equations that rule the world, Royal Institution

October 23rd, The dangers of algorithms, Uppsala 2030.

October 23rd, The Ten Equations That Rule The World And How You Can Use Them Too. How To Academy.

October 28th, How Learning Ten Equations Can Improve Your Life, Oxford Mathematics Public Lecture

November 2nd, The Ten Equations That Rule The World And How You Can Use Them Too. London School of Economics Public Lecture


Feb 13th Soccermatics visualisation, Uppsala Visualisation Lab.

March 1st From fish schools to football teamwork, Niels Bohr Institute.

March 20th The Dangers of Algorithms, Friends of Uppsala University (invite only).

April 2nd The Algorithms in our Lives,  ICMS, Edinburgh 

June 6th The dangers of algorithms (real and imagined) Maths for Social Good, Leeds.

August 22nd Will Artificial General Intelligence ever happen?, KTH, Stockholm.

September 18th  Soccermatics: could a Premier League team one day be managed by a mathematician? Oxford University.

September 19th  Could an AI manage a football team? The Data Book Club.

September 27th Hur kan vi förstå vardagen genom simpel matematik? Göteborg Bokmässan.

November 14th Taking Analtics in to the Field, Barca Sports Technology Symposium

November 22nd Uträknad – sanningen om algoritmerna som styr världen, Internetdagarna.

December 2nd Football – the most mathematical of sports, Sport Science, Göteborg University.

December 3rd Debate on Future of Artificial Intelligence with Olle Häggström, Chalmers, Göteborg.


March 8th Soccermatics ‘passing network’ activity for school kids, Scifest, Uppsala.

March 14th (pi day) “The mathematics of the perfect team”, Engelska skolan, Uppsala.

March 15th  Fotbollens matematik, Universitetsdagen, Uppsala.

March 16th  PhD defence. Yu Liu. “Modelling Evolution: From Non-life, to Life, to a Variety of Life”, Ångström, Uppsala.

March 22nd Will robots ever win a football match? The 9th Nordic Workshop on Statistical Physics: Biological, Complex and Non-equilibrium Systems.

May 17th Outnumbered, Royal Institution, London. 

May 23rd  Soccermatics, Stockholm International School

June 4th and 5th Math for social activism, Uppsala

June 7th Outnumbered: exploring the algorithms that control our lives, York Festival of Ideas, York, UK

September 14th  Outnumbered: exploring the algorithms that control our lives CLSA Investor’s forum, Hong Kong

September 14th  Soccermatics,  CLSA Investor’s forum, Hong Kong (Invite only)

September 20th From collective animal behaviour to collective motion of football teams, AlbaNova Colloquium, Stockholm

September 24th The Algorithms that control our lives, Big Data and Ethics, Uppsala

September 27th  Can mathematics help us win football matches? SIG, Dublin. (Invite only)

October 23rd Using mathematics to win football matches and using football to communicate about maths, Economic and Statistics, Örebro

October 29th From Slime Moulds to Soccermatics: how flow and feedback create dynamic problem solving, Eleventh International Conference on Swarm Intelligence, Rome

November 16th Burning question: can a mathematician really win a football match? , La Cuidad de las Ideas, Mexico

November 20th Förstå segregation med hjälp av matematik, Senioruniversitet, Rigoletto, Stockholm

November 21st Soccermatics/Fotbollens matematik, AHA festival, Gothenburg

December 3rd The Danger of Algorithms, Swedish Embassy, London. (Invite only)