If you would like me to  talk at your event please either email me (unpaid talks) or my agent, Chris Wellbelove (paid talks).


March 8th Soccermatics ‘passing network’ activity for school kids, Scifest, Uppsala.

March 14th (pi day) “The mathematics of the perfect team”, Engelska skolan, Uppsala.

March 15th  Fotbollens matematik, Universitetsdagen, Uppsala.

March 16th  PhD defence. Yu Liu. “Modelling Evolution: From Non-life, to Life, to a Variety of Life”, Ångström, Uppsala.

March 22nd The 9th Nordic Workshop on Statistical Physics: Biological, Complex and Non-equilibrium Systems.

May 17th Outnumbered, Royal Institution, London. 

May 23rd  Stockholm International School

June 4th and 5th Math for social activism, Uppsala.

June 7th York Festival of Ideas, York, UK.

September 13th to 14th CLSA Investor’s forum, Hong Kong

October 29th to 31st Keynote talk, Eleventh International Conference on Swarm Intelligence

November 20th The mathematics behind segregation, Senioruniversitet, Rigoletto, Stockholm (in Swedish)

November 21st Gothenburg